15 Food You Can Eat Lots Without Fear Of Fat

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Everyone’s cherished dream is to eat anything at any time and still not gain weight. Is this possible? Actually, there are foods you can eat without limitations even if you’re crazy about keeping your figure.

Sounds pretty good to be true. These foods are rich in fiber while being low-calorie satiating you without the risk of gaining weight. Lucky you, today I’ve compiled a list of such food, don’t forget to share this article with those who are always on a diet. Read also 10 Unthinkable Ways to Speed Up Weight Loss.


15. Popcorn

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I never knew that popcorn is so beneficial to our body. I used to think it’s a kind of junk food only for the cinema. Actually it’s not so, if you fry popcorn without butter and sugar with a little salt for instance, you can eat it without fear. This way a portion about a cup only contains 31 kcal. Surprisingly it’s less calories in one egg.


14. Celery


Celery stems are 95% water. They help you lose excess weight and detoxify your body thanks to their diuretic effect. A medium-sized adopted celery contains only 6 calories. You can add this magic veggie into soups and salads or eat it as a snack.


13. Eggplant


A portion of eggplant grilled or baked without oil makes for 24 kcal. So you can enjoy the savory veggie without any limitation. It contains vitamin C, B, B2, PP, and Carotene. Eating eggplant reduces the cholesterol level in your blood and normalizes water metabolism in your body.


12. Melon and Watermelon


Melon and watermelon are 95% water. With 60 to 70 kcal per slice you can eat them day in and day out. These fruits help excrete excess liquid from your body and satiate you well.


11. Oranges, Grapefruits, and Tangerines


A large amount of fruit is not recommended if you want to lose weight. Yet citrus fruits are an exception here, they’re rich in substances like fiber, flavonoids, and vitamin C. These satiate you. Help your digestion liver and skin and make you healthier overall. A medium-sized orange contains 43 calories, a grapefruit about 30 calories, and a Mandarin about 40 calories.


10. Algae


Algae, like laminaria are the best source of iodine. They help your thyroid function normally keeping your hormones at normal levels and preventing you from gaining weight. A portion of algae about a cup contains only 15 kcal.


9. Zucchini


A portion of zucchini is about 42 kcal. It normalizes your salt water ratio, improves your intestinal function, and can also be used to lower the energy output of main forces.


8. Beetroot


Beetroot is a source of nutrients such as manganese. They help burn fat, drive your muscles, and regulate your blood sugar. An average portion is just 40 kcal.


7. Cucumber


A cucumber is 95% water. Therefore, this vegetable can quench your thirst easily and the remaining 5% is a source of vitamins and minerals. This is an indispensable vegetable for all those losing weight. It helps fight swelling and get you slimmer without harm.


6. Apples and Plums


One apple is only 50 kcal. It makes you feel satiated and regulates your digestion. Plums are rich in vitamin C and potassium which maintain your heart and vessels.


5. Salad

Salad is a great source of folic acid and you can eat it by the ton. One leaf of lettuce is 3 kcal.


4. Eggs


You can eat them at any time of the day even at night without fear of gaining weight. Of course boiled eggs are better than fried ones. 1 boiled egg contains about 80 kcal.


3. Pineapple


This delicious fruit is the best friend of those who are losing weight. The bromelain contained within pineapples actively splits fats and helps to catalyze proteins. A slice of pineapple is about 30 kcal.


2. Cabbage, Broccoli, and Cauliflower


These veggies are your allies in the fight against excess weight. A portion of diced cabbage is just 7 kcal. You shouldn’t of course only eat cabbage and cauliflower as their nutrients rival with iodine, but you can easily include these foods a couple of times a week.

And here’s some more good news. Forget the myth that you’ll gain weight if you eat after 6:00 p.m. It’s completely wrong! In fact, if you want to stay slim, it’s best to have dinner 3 to 4 hours before bed. So, if you go to bed at 11:00 p.m., you can calmly eat at 7 p.m. Your sleep time begins at midnight and eating at 8 p.m. is perfectly ok. It won’t hurt your figure at all.


1. Berries, Currants, Cranberry, Strawberry


Currants and cranberries are rich in vitamin C and the former is also a diuretic. Helping get rid of excess water. Strawberries are very nutritious. They help your digestive and your cardiovascular system.

Thanks for reading, keep in mind that you should always make sure that your diet is well balanced with a sensible variety of foods.

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